Renewable Energy


Makila Hydro, LLC was formed in 2001 to restore and operate the Kauaula Hydroelectric plant as an environmentally clean producer of electricity. The plant was originally constructed in 1914 and has been continually operated, used and upgraded by Pioneer Mill until the end of their sugar operation around 1999. In 2000, Makila Land Co., LLC purchased the hydro plant from Pioneer Mill / Amfac. Members of Makila Land Company, LLC partnered with Hawaii Energy Group, LLC, a group of specialists in renewable energy, to form Makila Hydro, LLC. Hawaii Energy Group, LLC used their expertise to upgrade and restore operation of this plant. Makila Hydro began producing power in September, 2006. The power produced flows into Maui Electric’s grid.


The plant consists of a 500kw A.C. generator, 7200v. 43.7A @ 60 Hz. The turbine is an Allis Chalmers 600 hp, 450rpm with 533 feet of head.

Makila Hydro, LLC is managed by West Maui Land Co., Inc.